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ASEP assures that the building of its current headquarters is not in optimal conditions, that is why they will move

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The administrator of the National Public Services Authority (ASEP), Armand Fuentes, referred to the issue of the entity’s move to a new building and said that the process of renting its new headquarters complies with all the procedures established in the Public Procurement Law and that it does not represent a double expense.

He stressed that the Office Park building, which houses the current headquarters, is not in optimal conditions to maintain the entity’s operations at 100% and revealed that in 19 years approximately more than 10.5 million balboas have been allocated for renting this building. building.

“After a rigorous analysis and, taking into account the need for space to avoid the confinement of employees in times of health, it was possible to select the new location with the greatest growth capacity, giving priority to the users and inspection areas that require more human resources in the technical area,” he explained.

Asep revealed that the current facilities, with a reduced capacity of 4,286 m2, over time, in these 19 years, have presented various problems such as water leaks, collapse of sewage pipes, cracks, collapse of walls, lifting of tiles and other problems that would endanger the lives of employees and users.

They highlighted that the future new headquarters, with a capacity greater than 6,593 m2, is a building that has an optimal location for 100% of our operations aimed at offering service to users in the country, additionally, it is a building which has a renewable or self-sufficient energy system with solar panels that will allow significant savings in electrical energy, making our entity a model public organization in the country.

They added that the infrastructure will be equipped with special laboratories for the technical analysis of each regulated service, storage areas, as well as meeting rooms for holding public forums and training centers, promoting the growth and fulfillment of the goals established in our institution. , equating its operation to the large companies in the country that are supervised and regulated by this entity.

“Within the framework of respect for the laws of the country, the entity rejects any statement that seeks to tarnish the image of our administration, especially when a clear objective is pursued, which is the benefit of the Panamanian population,” they specified.

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