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Rosa María Palacios: what did she say about those who died in the protests in Puno?

Rosa María Palacios: what did she say about those who died in the protests in Puno?

The protests of Juliaca, Fist, against the government of Dina Boluartethey have already left a balance of 18 deaths. And, in total, since she took office, more than 40 deaths have already been caused during a little over a month of the president’s management. Due to the recent demonstrations, the lawyer and journalist Rosa Maria Palacios He spoke on his program “Without a script”.

Rosa María Palacios: “A tragic day for Puno”

The lawyer began her program like this: “A tragic day for Punowho is mourning, for the death of 17 civiliansand at this time the death of a national policeman has been confirmed”.

The protest is legitimate, what is not legitimate is the crime. Killing, stealing, looting, assaulting an airport is a crime. The repression is also legitimate within the parameters established by law and regulations for that repression. Killing is not legitimate when it is done indiscriminately. The protest and the repression are legitimate, what we cannot accept is the distortion of both things,” Palacios asserted.

Arequipa. Activists blocked the road that goes to Puno. The police had to multiply before these actions.

RMP: “The use of force is regulated by law”

In the same way, Rosa Maria Palacios He referred to the use of lethal weapons by the police institution. “The Police can use, in a residual way, lethal force. First you have other options. You can only use, in a riotous event, deadly force when there is a direct, real and imminent threat to your life. Therefore, Police can’t fire bursts. It is not possible, it is prohibited, it is illegal, it is criminal”, he sentenced.

“In Brazil there are 1,500 detainees. He is arrested, tried and convicted or acquitted according to law. The Police do not kill; stop, arrest, drive to prosecutor and judge. The option is not to kill or not to kill,” added Palacios.

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