Denuncian delincuentes se adueña del parque La Caleta

Criminals are denounced as taking over La Caleta park

Dealers, owners of car rental companies and employees of the Las Americas International Airportdenounced that La Caleta National Underwater Park has become a nest of criminals.

According to the complainants, after seven at night, people who stop on Route 66 avenue to wait for transportation to the airport terminal run the risk of being victims of the criminals who have taken over the area.

“The worst thing about the situation is that you You do not see any police vehicle driving along the avenue at night to protect, not only employees who work at night, but also passengers who are going to the airport”, the citizens maintain.

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They remembered that in the place there have been cases of rape of women and deathsincluding the crime several years ago of an Air Force corporal who was a nurse, whose body was found in the park with various stab wounds.

They also indicated that criminals have carried out business robberies and looting, recalling the case of the monument in honor of Dr. Jose Francisco Peña Gómez, located on Route 66 Avenue, from where they stole most of its bronze pieces.

Those affected considered that It is time for government and municipal authorities to pay attention to the parkand embark to its rescue so that it does not continue to be a nest of criminals.

“We must remember that on several occasions, Environment and Tourism authorities have announced that the La Caleta Underwater National Park would be turned into a craft plaza, which we consider would lend itself to it,” they pointed out.


As tourist carriers, public buses and private vehicles, They clamor for the Las Américas highway to be illuminated to avoid assaults and constant traffic accidents that occur on the road at night.

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The claimants said that at least 17 kilometers of the road lack light bulbs, a situation that is taken advantage of by criminals to commit misdeeds.

“Only from kilometer 10 until reaching the San Isidro highway overpass there is lighting, so we call the attention of the authorities to resolve this situation as well”said drivers.

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