The pororó of life

The pororó of life

I am not very used to going to the movies, but yesterday after a long time I did it again, not to see any movie but a three hour twenty minute long one that marks a demanding return in terms of attention and endurance.

To admire the seventh art with the film called “Avatar” in 3D, its second version, which should not stand out or stand out just for how long it lasts, but for the message it wants to communicate, which is a powerful social denunciation against evils that we are suffering on our planet right now. such as environmental deterioration and its intrinsic threat to life. It also includes a critical look at war as a means of dealing with problems that cannot be solved through diplomatic channels.

The film “Avatar” was made by director James Cameron, who already has an important list of documentaries and films that are based on the issue of the environment, again seeks to raise awareness about something so repeated but little heard.

These extensive cinematographic works manage to make you leave movie theaters exhaling hard and thinking about the negative things that as inhabitants of the planet we damage our environment that has, yes, harsh ways of responding when weather and climatic conditions conjugate, turning peaceful moments and happy to eat pororó and watch a movie at the cinema or at home, in the chaos, riots and disasters caused. Hurricanes, landslides, storms and all natural accidents that appear spontaneously are effects of climate change that harm us all.

what we see and eat

Pororó in Paraguay, Argentina or Uruguay, popcorn in Mexico, popcorn in the US, Little goat in Chile, popcorn in Venezuela, crispeta or pyra in Colombia is the classic companion that we have to feed ourselves while we watch a movie accompanied by something to drink to digest it well. It is a classic that comes from a plant native to our subcontinent present throughout the planet. ..

We want to have health, a good quality of life and everything that is the opposite of discomfort or unpleasant moments in our home, city, country or planet, but for that we must be aware and act accordingly. A movie and the pororó can be triggers to reach that level and commitment.

reflect across

We must develop a critical capacity so as not to end up being used by individuals, companies or particular initiatives. Being more must be the purpose and that arises at any time in our lives when we watch a movie that leads us to reflect and even when we put a pororó in our mouths. Transversality is key to understanding our place and responsibility with the planet of which we are a part.

A gift from the earth that sustained us and sustains us to walk, mobilize and also feed and nourish our system that works or should work balanced like nature in a world that is becoming unbalanced due to abuses and destructions that not only leave us without trees, animals in extinction but above all without living beings

May we breathe, eat, speak, see, hear, think or move with health, freedom and joy. The same that can be seen and enjoyed in movie theaters that are not based on the simple space where one sits in a normal chair to watch a screen that shows three-dimensional images. Today those chairs can be moved according to what one hears or sees in order to feel part of the exhibited scene.

When we eat popcorn or pororó we must understand its origin and presence among us. Corn is very easy to be harvested and eaten by everyone without differentiating the origin, health condition, age or gender, and it has many options to be seasoned and then introduced into our mouths. It is simple but complex at the same time, but anything goes to reflect on the complexity of the man-environment relationship.

A film and the environment triggered many questions that I had in my head and with that it has served as a catharsis for emotions and reflections without any distraction. Avatar and pororó did their homework paying 57 thousand guaraníes.-

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