Ronald Acevedo: "Thank you Marito for being useless"

Ronald Acevedo: “Thank you Marito for being useless”

Since the attack on which José Carlos Acevedo, mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero, was the victim, about 97 hours have passed, a time that he fought for his life, but on this Saturday afternoon, doctor David Peña, head of the Intensive Care Unit of the Viva hospital Vida, where he is hospitalized, confirmed that after some studies they detected very important brain damage and it was found that there is no brain flow.

I am going to give a very discouraging report regarding the study we carried out on you. Neurological evaluations confirm that his brain stopped working 100%, “said Dr. Peña.

Delimiting that the damage unfortunately is irreversible. With this, the drug traffickers reaffirm that they are the ones in charge of the country and not the president.

As soon as this sad outcome was made known, in the midst of pain and impotence, Ronald Acevedo, brother of Pedro Juan Caballero’s mayor, left the hospital shouting “Omanóma la che brother, tapehopa. Thank you Marito for being useless. The Paraguay of the people is dying here in Amambay.”


It should be remembered that in addition to his fight against crime, Acevedo had to deal with tragic family events in recent years. First, the death of his brother and then deputy Robert Acevedo, his death occurred in February 2021, due to complications with Covid-19.

Added to this is the murder of her niece, Haylee Acevedo, on October 9, 2021. A case of hitmen that targeted the sentimental partner of the 21-year-old.

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