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Roger Cordero Lara asks the MP to investigate a digital attack against him

Roger Cordero Lara asks the MP to investigate a digital attack against him

The Guárico state government secretary general, General Roger Cordero Lara, accompanied by his lawyer, went to the headquarters of the Public Ministry (MP), located in San Juan de los Morros, within the framework of investigations into a corruption plot with which he and other senior officials are linked.

Cordero Lara requested to initiate the investigations corresponding to different owners and social media in the country “for orchestrating this digital attack against him.”

He assured that he was not involved in alleged cases of corruption associated with the Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) company, after various digital platforms disseminated the information last weekend.

Upon leaving the Public Ministry, he said that the accusations disseminated through digital channels “at no time coincide with the reality that I live.”

“I urge the Public Ministry and competent bodies to carry out the pertinent investigations, in such a way as to determine the consequences of these actions that are being carried out,” he said.

Cordero Lara assured that he has never worked in the company Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), “nor do I know of treatment, communication or reference to the people with whom he is involved.”

He pointed out that there are various media and digital platforms that have published information that calls into question his integrity and honor.

The Guariqueño official highlighted his willingness and support for the National Executive and Governor José Vásquez, in the fight against corruption and the unethical practices of various public officials.

“I ratify the unrestricted support for the president and the governor, in the fight against corruption,” emphasized Cordero Lara.

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