Rodríguez: Opposition exercises the dictatorship in the UCV

The president of the National Assembly (AN)Jorge Rodríguez, referred this Tuesday to the situation that occurred last Friday at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), after the suspension of the electoral process to renew the authorities of the study house, after 15 years of not elections be held.

During the AN session, Rodríguez described as outrageous the events recorded last Friday, when the illegitimate authorities of the UCV decided to sabotage the elections.

This, after the deputy to the AN, Ricardo Molina, took the right to speak to highlight the work done by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the electoral processes and contrast with the situation that took place in the UCV.

“The graduates’ ballots disappeared, they allowed the special ballots to be damaged, they did not allow the support of the CNE (…) It is clear what the approach and intention was, it is the indignation that all of us Ucevistas feel,” Rodríguez stressed.

In this sense, he stressed that the person who is currently in front of the UCV – Cecilia García Arocha – does not “live in Venezuela” but is rector of a University in Costa Rica

“This lady is a dictator because she did not want to call elections (…) What is stained is the face of the Venezuelan opposition that exercises the dictatorship in the UCV, which does not allow the right to vote, the exercise of the vote and democracy. They can’t even do a local election event,” she pointed out.

“The face of the opposition that illegally serves on that entire board of directors is stained,” he added.

This Monday, the former member of the Electoral Commission of the Central University of Venezuela, and professor of that house of studies, Miguel Grillo, filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the Republic the execution of an alleged electoral fraud that stumbled with the development of the electoral process last Friday.

“A presumed electoral fraud has been presented, and the University Council and the members of the Electoral Commission are playing dumb, they do not investigate,” said the teacher.

Likewise, he stressed that “for that same reason, in 2019 the TSJ ordered the UCV to hold elections in which workers, administrative staff, graduates, students and professors had to participate, four schedules were proposed to the University Council, and However, the four were denied, so that they would later do this, here is a very well orchestrated setup”, he stressed.

Consider him an example for several generations, of eternal youth,

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