RN parliamentarians criticized President Boric for his speech at the UN on the result of the plebiscite: “There must be self-criticism and that is what has been lacking”

Within the framework of his participation in the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, referred to the results of the constitutional plebiscite of last September 4, where Rejection categorically prevailed over Approval .

In this sense, the President maintained that “with all humility I want to tell these United Nations today that a government can never feel defeated when the people speak out. In a democracy, the popular word is sovereign and is the guide at all times.”

“I am convinced that, in the short term, Chile will have a Constitution that satisfies us and makes us proud, one built in democracy that collects the contribution of all sectors of society and that is capable of reflecting the desire for justice and freedom” , he complemented.

The statements were the target of criticism within the National Renewal parliamentarians, who stressed that the result of the exit constitutional plebiscite is effectively a failure for the Boric government.

This was stated by the head of the RN senators caucus, Paulina Núñez, who pointed out that “of course the sovereign will of the people is never a failure, which, moreover, has been heard very strongly at the polls, but obviously the option for which the Government risked was defeated, lost, failed and beyond the qualifiers that can be given to this result, the Government disconnected itself from the citizenry because it believed that it was defending ideas that were going to be supported by the vast majority of the Chileans and they did not expect the slam of the door they received”.

“It is strong to say it, but with the same clarity that the President has spoken, we have also told the country that we are going to advance in a constitutional process so that Chile can have a new social and political agreement. Therefore, leaving aside this result without knowing how to read what one leaned towards or not is also an error regarding the response we have to give to the social demands that citizens are clamoring for in matters of public order, pensions, health or education,” he added. .

Along the same lines, the RN deputy, member of the Foreign Relations commission, Sofia Cid, maintained that “first, tell the President that dirty clothes are washed at home, and it is unfortunate that the Government continues to intervene in a process where it was defeated , even more so in the UN, where priorities must be focused on giving certainty and security to the world, that Chile is a country where the rule of law is respected”.

“That is what must be watched and cared for, in addition to ensuring that people can leave their homes safely and foreigners can come to invest in Chile with peace of mind. That Chile will continue to be a reliable and safe partner, as a country that it can maintain alliances as it has done so far,” he added.

in conversation with The counterthe parliamentarian Miguel Mellado (RN) was more critical, and pointed out that the President “was going to play a character that he himself does not believe.”

“He was so shocked with 62% that he still hasn’t woken up, because the truth is that I don’t see any self-criticism of him or his sector. He went to the United Nations to play a victim role, I don’t understand how Boric plays his role head of state. I did not listen to a head of state,” he said.

“He went to make a character. He doesn’t say it here because no one believes him. On the other hand, there he has fertile ground, he can lie to anyone who is sitting there at the UN listening. He believes that they will follow him, that with some of his statements were going to applaud standing”, he sentenced.

The head of the RN bench, Andrés Longton, declared to El Mostrador that “it is a failure from the moment he and his ministers combine the implementation of their government program with the approval of the text in order to make it viable.”

“The President was a campaign manager, and when campaigns are lost there must be self-criticism and that is what has been lacking. He was not a mere spectator, he was the campaign manager of an option that was clearly defeated,” he concluded.

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