Arab company launched new takeover bid for Nutresa shares

Arab company launched new takeover bid for Nutresa shares

In the last hours it was known that a new takeover bid was launched, takeover bid, for the shares of the Nutresa group, which became known through Colombian Stock Exchange and the Financial Superintendence.

It is a company of Arab origin, registered under the name of International Holding Company, IHC.

With this new takeover bid, the Arab firm aims to stay with a percentage that ranges between 25% and 31.2% of Grupo Nutresa’s shares. To this end, this company proposes a value of 15 dollars for each of the sharesmoney that could be paid in cash.

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The offer would double the value of the share if you take into account that the stock market closed with a cost of $36,900 for each of the shares on the most recent day. Nevertheless, International Holding Company offers almost double its value.

Consequently, the Colombian Stock Exchange announced that As of this Thursday, all negotiations are suspended related to the sale of the Nutresa group.

with this new There are already four OPAs that the Nutresa group has received, every time he Gilinski group has presented the previous three, which have not been successful.

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Meanwhile, the Gilinskis continue to occupy two of the important chairs of Grupo Nutresa and remain as second largest shareholders with a 30.8% share.

Negotiations are expected to begin in the coming days regarding this new takeover bid for a percentage of one of the most important companies in the regionand one of the most coveted in Latin America.

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