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Ritual, search for yvyguy silver and a fatal discussion: they clarify death in Paraguarí

With the arrest of three people and the discovery of various pieces of evidence, the National Police has practically clarified the murder registered on Saturday in the Paraguarí area. The final version confirms the hypothesis of the yvyguy search for silver.

In a series of procedures carried out yesterday, the arrest of Abel Ulises Salas, Carlos Ariel Escobar Ruiz and Carlos Mario Vélez Jaramillo, the latter of Colombian nationality, was achieved.

Commissioner Rubén Paredes, director of the Paraguarí Police, told Radio Chaco Boreal that after the capture of these three people, the homicide case registered in the Mbatoví de Paraguarí company, in which Darío Enciso Saavedra was the fatal victim, is practically closed.

As he commented, the deceased’s girlfriend, Fátima Pavón Vall, initially said many things that did not coincide and entered into many contradictions, but later when she met with the prosecutor, she gave the real version of what happened.

This is how, with the progress of the investigation, it was possible to determine that the real background of this crime was the search for yvyguy silver. According to the woman’s account, they had to perform a ritual to find the buried treasure and for this reason they had gone to the site (an uninhabited area) where the murder took place on Saturday night.

The commissioner commented that the detainees had a “business agreement” with the victim because they were supposed to be in charge of unearthing the treasure and were going to invest the money in various projects.

The problem would have originated at the moment in which Darío Enciso claimed the lack of results after having invested nearly G. 30 million in this search. In that interim, there was a discussion with the three subjects hired for the job, who finally decided to end his life.

“This is not a programmed death like a contract killer, it was an occasional homicide,” Paredes emphasized.

The woman, in her statement, had commented that the four had separated to talk in a remote place and suddenly she heard that they began to argue. Seconds later, she already heard two shots, one of which hit her in the face.

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