Death on Mother's Day in Huancavelica

Death on Mother’s Day in Huancavelica

Once again, traffic accidents surround a moment of happiness that is Mother’s Day, and tarnish it with deaths and injuries.

Car accident.

Thus, on the roads of the Anta district, in the province of Acobamba, a traffic accident occurred that killed an 11-year-old boy and left 9 people injured.


It was after 11:40 am when police personnel learned that a traffic accident had occurred in the Parihuanca – Anta distribution area.

Given the information, the uniformed officers moved to the scene where they found the traffic accident.

According to the registry maintained by the Police and the Anta Health Center, nine people were injured: Anatolia Vargas Landeo (26), Cristina Huarcaya Estrada (60), Daniel Huarcaya Vargas (29), David Huarcaya Vargas (25), Dilmer Gonzales Huarcaya (18), Feliciano Vargas Huarcaya (35), Elizabet Huarcaya Vargas (27) and the initial minors: JVE (12), SVE (11) and AVE (05).

Unfortunately, the child with the initials TPVE (11) died in the traffic accident.

Car accident.
Car accident.

According to the information gathered by the police, the family was moving from the town center of Casacancha to the town center of Rayaninyocc, in a motorcycle, which ended up getting lost and falling several meters down a slope.

It should be noted that Daniel Huarcaya Vargas (29) and the minor with the initials AVE (05) were taken to the Huancavelica hospital in an emergency due to their injuries.

The condition of the injured is still in reserve by the health personnel who are treating them at the Huancavelica hospital.

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The case is being investigated by prosecutor Inés Sinchitullo Barboza, from the Paucará Mixed Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

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