Riquelme's 'Palito' to Boca players

Riquelme’s ‘Palito’ to Boca players

No one expected that, at the debut of Boca Juniors in the Argentine League Cup, the team tied against modest Colón (1-1). And the reactions have not been long in coming. The same vice president of the ‘xeneize’ club, Juan Román Riquelme, spoke about it and it was clear: the team lacked bad blood.

“We are a very good team, but very innocent, we don’t make time, we don’t cut the game. We are a very healthy team.” And he set an example. In the second half, Colón had an error behind and Eduardo ‘Toto’ Salvio stole to stay alone in front of the goal. Federico Lértora -who had already been reprimanded in the first half- committed a foul to cut off the play that the referee allowed to continue. Riquelme put himself in the place of ‘Toto’ and assured: “I would have raised my arms, I ask him to be yellow and he has to kick him out. ‘Toto’ is healthier than water. They are little things that help you.”

Faced with the naivety of the team, Riquelme gives the keys: you have to have more ‘manaña’ (pillería). “Tomorrow you have to have everyone in their place. Palermo jumped on you, he didn’t let you jump, he was a cheat. That’s being tricky. I looked at the player who was booked and went to play around there, it was my job, everyone in the football has its job. If ‘Toto’ stays still, Lértora has to be expelled”.

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