Richarlison: "Messi es el mejor del mundo, es de otro planeta"

Richarlison: "Messi is the best in the world, he is from another planet"

The Everton player, Richarlison de Andrade, spoke to the microphones of ESPN, where he acknowledged his deep admiration for Lionel Messi, of the one who has said great words: Messi He is the best player in the world, he is from another planet. I would like to play alongside him.”

The Brazilian attacker lost a few months ago a Copa América final against Messi’s albiceleste. Richarlison talks about the feelings he had after the final whistle: “After losing the final I cried a lot, I was very hurt; seeing Messi celebrate, I thought that he also deserved a title with his national team”, added the Everton player.

richarlison too He had good words for Real Madrid as an entity, and for one of the Brazilians in the squad: “The best team in the world is Real Madrid. They have Vinicius, who is also in a good moment”. Carlo Ancelotti, current merengue coach, also directed Richarlison during his time as Everton coachand he spoke like this about the Italian: “He’s a great coach and it’s lucky for Madrid to have him.”

Richarlison discussed more issues in this interview, such as his team’s options for the World Cup in Qatar to be held later this year: “Brazil is a favorite to win the World Cup. We were never eliminated in the first round”he remembered. “We have five”. Despite this, Richarlison believes many other teams are coming in strong and at a good time to clinch the title.

The rivalry with Argentina and its difficult summer

Richarlison assures before the microphones that the tough clashes between Argentina and Brazil are of high voltage, but that all these tensions remain in the field: “They defend the Argentine shirt, we the Brazilian one.”

In addition to these questions He assured that he has a great relationship with some Argentines, such as Tucu Pereyra, which coincided with watford. Richarlison confirms that he admires other Argentines, and not just Messi: “I always liked Aguero, I faced it here. He won the Premier League title, with that incredible goal, I’ve been following him for many years.”

As a result of the hard summer that the Everton attacker has experienced, Now he reflects and understands the hard moments at the emotional level that he went through and overcame to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics: “After losing the final I cried a lot, I was very hurt, I locked myself in my room and didn’t want to leave. Two days later I left for Japan for the Olympic Games, I couldn’t afford to stay sad.”

This situation derived from the COVID picture that his mother had, and that prevented him from visiting her during those months: “I couldn’t go see my mom because she had COVID, but later I dedicated the gold medal to her.”

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