ASSE will initiate an investigation after a complaint of proselytism linked to the Yes in a polyclinic

the directory of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE) resolved to start a investigation to investigate an alleged act of proselytism linked to the referendum by the Law of Urgent Consideration (luc) at a polyclinic in Jardines del Hipódromo.

The action was denounced by a Username of the mutualist, who indicated that at the time of withdrawing his medication in the pharmacy of the medical center received a pamphlet with “information on one of the options to vote in the next referendum on March 27,” the statement said.

as he knew The Observer, the paper was identified with the campaign for the Yes to the repeal of 135 articles of the law.

In the statement released this Thursday, ASSE insists that The administrative process will seek to “determine or verify the existence of irregular or illicit acts within the service and the identification of those responsible, if any”.

The text also mentions paragraph 1 of article 58 of the Constitution, which establishes: “Officials are at the service of the Nation and not of a political faction. In the places and hours of work, any activity outside the function, considering illicit the one directed to the purpose of proselytism of any kind”.

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