Monreal denounces alleged campaign against him with public resources

Ricardo Monreal calls to review the relationship between the Government and Morena

Armed Forces and Security Reform

That same day, during a conference in Zacatecas, Monreal estimated that, once the bill on the expansion of the Armed Forces in security tasks by 2028 is approved in the Chamber of Deputies, it will take three weeks for it to be endorsed in half of the local congresses.

He said that “we monrealists are never going to break with AMLO, we are going to always respect him, we are going to seriously establish our work and our priorities.”

In addition, he stressed that lopezobradorism and monrealism complement each other.

He explained that the governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal, will give a timely response to the problems of insecurity in that entity, and considered that security in the state should be reinforced.

He announced that next week he will have breakfast with the head of Sedena and ask him to reinforce security in Zacatecas.

In addition, he assured that he is like an “all-terrain” vehicle that knows how to face adversity and life.

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