Mario Balmaseda, Cuba

Cuban actor Mario Balmaseda dies

MADRID, Spain.- Mario Balmaseda, a renowned Cuban theater, television and film actor, died this Saturday in Havana at the age of 81.

The news was released by the Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso through your social network account Twitter.

“The great Cuban actor Mario Balmaseda has died, who was Lenin, Maceo, Eduardo, Manolo, Reinier and many other essential characters to understand what we are,” wrote Alpidio Alonso.

“To family and friends, our condolences. For Mario, all the gratitude and respect of the people of him, ”he added.

Mario Balmaseda studied Dramaturgy at the National Theater of Cuba and in the then German Democratic Republic.

During more than fifty years of artistic career he took part in important Cuban films such as The man from Maisinicu (1973), In a certain way (1974), is swapped (1984) and E.between cyclones (2002).

One of his last performances for the big screen was in the independent production the work of the century (2015), by Carlos Quintela.

In 2006 he won the National Theater Award, in 2019 the National Television Award and last March he was awarded the 2021 National Film Award.

According to the Cuban Cinema Portal, Mario Balmaseda is the only actor in the country who has these three awards.

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