Reveal costs of celebration of possession of Petro and Francia Márquez

Reveal costs of celebration of possession of Petro and Francia Márquez

The lawyer specializing in Public Law Daniel Briceño revealed the costs of the inauguration parties of the President Gustavo Petro and his Vice President Francia Márquez. Through her social network, for example, she cited that the celebration acts for her were initially budgeted at 38,868,951 pesos, but due to the crowded presence they were increased to more than 52 million pesos.

(Sandwich boxes and televisions, among the sumptuous purchases of the Presidency).

In accordance with the contracts of the companies providing catering services, disclosed through the social network Twitter by Briceño, the vice president’s party, the food, which was in charge of the Pacific food chef, Rey Warrior, which included shrimp skewers, smoked crab meat rolls, shrimp empanadas, among others, cost 23,024,000 pesos.

Of the events prior to the inauguration, the first was on August 6, when the then president Iván Duque received the international delegations that attended Petro’s inauguration for 100 people, which cost a total of 15,600,000 pesos.

Then it was a formal farewell lunch for Iván Duque, his cabinet and military leadership for 100 people, which in total cost 11,670,000 pesos.

(Millionaires denounce cost overruns in purchases of the Presidency).

Later, the third event was to celebrate the inauguration of the new president, Gustavo Petro, where 500 guests were present, at a cost of 68,570,000 pesos.

Expenses to decorate the Casa de Nariño with flowers, for a value of 28,060,200 pesos.

(Francia Márquez, one of the 100 world leaders of Time magazine).

According to the documents disclosed by Briceño, these were the costs of the acts of possession of the current president and his vice president.


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