Return to face-to-face classes in Puebla will reactivate rental of premises: AMPI

Return to face-to-face classes in Puebla will reactivate rental of premises: AMPI

Puebla, Pue. With the back to school of the universities since last week and that as of Monday another 112,000 students were incorporated by the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) local, expects that the occupancy of premises will improve to reach 80 percent.

Fabrizio Pizar Rojas, president of the sector, said that after more than two years of virtual classes for the covid-19 pandemicwhich forced those who rented premises near the campuses to lower the curtain, now activities are resumed with the occupation of spaces.

Pizar commented that due to the fact that businesses seek to recover sales quickly at this start of the quarter, real estate agents did not raise prices, which have been frozen since 2021 to encourage the market in university areas.

There is a different scenario with the return to classes in August, but the rent of premises would barely rise 10% in the remainder of 2022, ”he said.

He indicated that the owners of the premises have shown willingness to take care of them as quickly as possible, since there is an important market of foreign students looking for places to eat daily.

He mentioned that the spaces are also occupied by paper businesses, cafeterias and other types of activity linked to university students.

As a result of the covid-19 pandemicthe businesses that were close to the universities, had to migrate to other points for more than two years, because face-to-face classes were suspended and this market was lost in that time.

Pizar Rojas trusted that in the next two weeks, as the classes go on, more establishments will be seen, which is also noticeable outside Angelopolis, since, in San Andrés Cholula, the enrollment of the Universidad de Las Américas Puebla ( UDLAP), which are 10,000, 45% are young foreigners between nationals and foreigners.

According to AMPI, in Puebla there are 328,000 students in universities, especially in private ones, and about 30% come from south-southeast states, so small and medium-sized businesses benefit from the reactivation of classes.

The leader of the real estate agents said that they will have restraint on the figures, but before the pandemic the occupation of premises fluctuated between 80 and 90 percent.

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