Regime closes two stations belonging to the family of journalist Aníbal Toruño

Regime closes two stations belonging to the family of journalist Aníbal Toruño

Three days after the closure of Radio Darío, in León, owned by journalist Aníbal Toruño, the regime ordered the cancellation of two other stations that were run by his family. The persecuted politician states that these actions are a “genocide against freedom of expression” in Nicaragua.

On the afternoon of August 12, Toruño wrote on his social networks that “2 radio stations have been closed to members of my family. I raise my complaint before the attack against us, a genocide against freedom of expression, monstrous insanity of ORMU (Ortega-Murillo), a new Radio Darío has been born. Never shut up! ”, Said the journalist. The canceled radio stations are La Guarachera, in Chinandega, and Radio Sky, in León.

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Last Friday, Telcor workers arrived at the offices of Radio Darío to report the closure of that radio station. Toruño pointed out that Law 670, Law of Extension of the Licenses of Companies, Natural or Legal Persons that operate Radio, Television and Telecable, gives a moratorium to these entities until Law 200 (General Law of Telecommunications and Postal Services) is reformed. ), “therefore, any Telcor argument is spurious, false, lying, and the only intention is to close a media outlet after 73 years.”

Toruño stressed that the regime turned off a transmitter, but not the voices of Radio Darío journalists, and that it will continue to work for the country’s freedom and truth, convinced that the passage of the Ortega-Murillos in power is “ephemeral.” , and that is only sustained through repression.

Radio Darío was founded in 1949 by Juan Toruño Calderón, father of the journalist, and was a pioneer of radio broadcasters in the country. During its history it has suffered attacks, closures and destruction. “The prison and exile of my father, and now mine, leave a history of 73 years of struggle for freedom of expression and democratic principles of our beloved Nicaragua,” said the communicator.

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For his part, Marcos Carmona, of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights (CPDH), urged to continue denouncing the arbitrariness of the Ortega regime because in the future, when freedom and democracy return to Nicaragua, the complaints will serve to sentence the abusers. power.

La Guarachera, according to its Facebook page, was a station with musical content, and in its programming it did not have informative spaces. Radio Sky, meanwhile, was a youth station that played hits in English and Spanish. Both stations have not commented on the matter.

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