Resuming relations with Maduro validates violating international law: Duque

Resuming relations with Maduro validates violating international law: Duque

President Iván Duque, faced with the announcements of the presidential candidates to reestablish diplomatic relations with Venezuela once they come to power, assured that relations cannot be maintained with a dictatorship and a narco-state.

This statement was made during his visit to the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, the President Duque affirmed that “one thing is the relationship between Colombia and Venezuela and another thing between Colombia and the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.”

“Having relations with a criminal dictatorship, with a narco-state like that of Nicolás Maduro, well, simply is to validate those practices that are contrary to International Law and that have led Venezuela to its greatest misfortuneDuke said.

He added that he hopes that Latin America will continue with the diplomatic siege and pressure, for democracy to return to Venezuela through free elections with international supervision.

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Duque said that “the relationship between Colombia and Venezuela is so strong, that we have given shelter to 1.8 million migrants, and what has been achieved is so eloquent, that we have already delivered one million TPS cards that is unprecedented in this hemisphere“.

He also stated that the relationship between his government and the Maduro dictatorship “broke due to the criminal attitude of that regime, It was not me who broke relations with the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro“He said that it was the government of Juan Manuel Santos who did not recognize the elections in Venezuela and that his government decided to maintain that line.

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