Conflict over layoffs at Citi extends to all private banking

The dismissal of 16 Citibank workers announced at the end of 2021 led the AEBU union to decide to extend the conflict to all private banks. This week there was a surprise strike throughout the sector and new measures are announced for the coming days.

The stoppage carried out on Wednesday paralyzed banking activity in the Old City and part of the Center, and the stoppage of tasks continued until midnight. This coincided with the closing of the month, the tasks on credits, forecasts and accounting movements that were pending, circumstances that must be assumed by the executive directors of the banks.

The strategy is that the other private banks, which have no problems with the union, “pressure” Citi to sit down at a negotiating table for the situation of 16 workers affiliated with the union (out of a total of 29) who will be fired once the sale of its offshore unit Citi Asesores to Insigneo is finalized, union sources told the Citywire site.

In a speech in front of the Citi headquarters, the president of the Council of the Private Financial Sector, Juan Fernández, announced that the conflict is generalized in the first instance towards the private banking financial sector and that the objective of the union is to open a “dialogue that, through trust, becomes a negotiation”published the AEBU portal.

The leader anticipated the carrying out of “surprising pearl strikes”. “The circumstances warrant it: the cause of the 16 comrades is that of the entire union and that is why we are going to go to the last consequences,” he said.

A meeting between a union delegation and company representatives is scheduled for this Friday.

On Friday, May 27, AEBU defined a package of measures that is still in force and that includes cstrictly comply with the schedules in the workplace and not perform overtime, transfers, schedule changes or training.

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