Volunteer Firefighter’s Day: why it is celebrated this June 2

This Thursday, like every June 2, the Volunteer Firefighter’s Day. The date remembers the day the first volunteer fire department of La Boca was founded, which was constituted from self-convened residents of La Boca.

Specifically, on June 2, 1884, a resident of La Boca named Tomás Liberti was in charge of organizing a human chain with his neighbors to put out a fire in the area. For this reason, in addition to selecting this date As the Volunteer Firefighter’s Dayin the vicinity of the Boca Juniors Stadium, a street pays tribute to Liberti.

Volunteer Firefighter's Day: why it is celebrated this June 2
This June 2 marks Volunteer Firefighter’s Day in the country.

The work of firefighters is essential for the operation of any neighborhood, municipality or province, therefore, this day tribute is paid to those Volunteer firemen and his honorable bravery and work.

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