Recursos abogados Jean Alain Rodríguez han fallado todos

Resources lawyers Jean Alain Rodríguez have all failed

The former attorney general Jean Alain Rodriguez He is a prisoner who does not give up.

From his cell in the Najayo prison, where he is in preventive detention for 18 months charged with alleged acts of corruptionhas not only demanded that the Public Ministry apologize to him, but also that the judges and prosecutors who interact in the criminal process that follows him, be designated at their discretion.

Although with his resources, all failed so far, the former head of the MP tries to free himself from the captivity in which he has been today eight months and 18 days since his arrest on June 29, 2021these have become a breech for their purposes.

It is not necessary to be a predictor to predict that the last of his efforts, this time against the representatives of the Public Ministry, will be rejected by the deputy attorney Rodolfo Espineirawho, faced with the inhibition of the Attorney General Miriam German of the Medusa case, he will know the objection made by Rodríguez to the prosecutors.

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According to Article 82 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP)if the challenged do not admit the challenge, they must submit a report to their immediate superior, which in this case is Espiñeira.

It transpired that, as was to be expected, neither Yeni Berenice Reynoso nor Wilson Camacho, nor Mirna Ortiz, nor any of the other recused MP representatives admitted Jean Alain’s objection, and they are in the process of preparing their respective reports.

Espiñeira must first know the responses of Reynoso and Camacho to his challenge, due to their capacity as deputy attorneys, and then those of the others.

As the Code of Criminal Procedure does not establish a deadline for this, since it is an internal procedure subject to “reasonable criteria”, Espiñeira will have three days to respond to Jean Alain.

Jean Alain’s complaints

On February 28, the former attorney challenged the aforementioned prosecutors for alleged violation of Organic Law 133-11 of the Public Ministrydue to the employment ties that existed between them and him, which he said, makes them incapable of handling the case objectively.

On the 8th, through an Amparo appeal, he requested the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) to order the MP to formally apologize to him and to withdraw all the news published about the jellyfish case related to your name.

On August 12, 2021, he filed a lawsuit against Judge Kenya Romero, who ordered him into preventive detention.

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