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Resolution proposal would force employment agencies to register with the Ministry of Labor

Resolution proposal would force employment agencies to register with the Ministry of Labor

The persons, natural or private, that operate as agencies of job would henceforth have to register with the General Directorate of job (DGE) of the Ministry of Labor to be able to offer those services, according to a draft resolution published by the institution.

Through the document, in which the ministry would establish the rules for the operation of the agencies of jobthe creation of the National Registry of Agencies of jobwhich will contain the data of the entities authorized to carry out activities of Job intermediation.

The agencies, which must complete a series of documents for their registration, will be granted an authorization and a certification on their registration in the National Registry of Agencies of jobwhich will be valid for two years from issuance.

However, to grant them a new renewal of authorization, the draft with the rule specifies that “they will be accompanied by a report of the activities carried out and a forecast of activities for the period that is extended.”

Meanwhile, in the case of agencies job For-profit private companies, the documentation that accompanies the application must include a balance of expenses and income, he specifies.

The resolution, in its fifth article, specifies which principles the agencies of jobincluding ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination, although it adds that the only segregation criterion to be applied will be that of the qualifications required for the position, discrimination based on sex, age, race, color, national origin, social, political opinion, trade union militancy or religious belief.

“Specialized intermediation activities for groups in vulnerable situations do not violate these principles: people with disabilities, young people who do not study or work (nini), single mothers, women heads of household, adults and older adults,” he adds.

In addition, it points out the free service of Job intermediationindicating that the agencies of job should not charge the workersneither directly nor indirectly, neither in whole nor in part, any type of fee or rate.

“The agencies of job They must offer information on the condition of each applicant, places where their proposal has been sent and follow-up of the process. The information will be provided only to the worker and the Ministry of Laborkeeping those involved in the placement process up to date”, points out the possible regulation.

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For those interested in sending observations or suggestions regarding this project, they will be received in writing with attention to the Legal Department of the Ministry of Labor, in its main office, located at Av. Enrique Jiménez Moya corner Republic of Lebanon, Center of Los Héroes, in Santo Domingo, National District or by email: They will be accepted within a period of 30 working days.

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