Opening of land borders with Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia favor tourism and foreign trade

Opening of land borders with Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia favor tourism and foreign trade

the minister of Roberto Sánchez, welcomed the fact that both Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia have opened their land borders with the significantly promoting tourism and foreign trade in the bordering regions.

“This reopening promotes tourism and commercial exchange in a transcendental way. It generates employment and boosts the economy. Let’s not forget that border trade is an important driver of local economies. I would like to highlight the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the regional governments and all those involved”, he pointed out.

In that sense, he commented that the population must continue to comply with preventive measures against Covid-19. Also, it is recommended to complete your second dose of the vaccine and boost protection with the third dose. In this way, it will be possible to continue with the economic reactivation and with an offer of safe tourist destinations.

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“We call on the population to join the government’s efforts to combat the pandemic and reactivate the economy, actively participating in the vaccination process and the strict use of biosafety protocols. Artisans, tour guides, businessmen, support us to increase the level of vaccination”, he indicated.

On the other hand, the head of the Mincetur commented that once all the land borders are open, 750 thousand tourists could enter Peru through the border crossings. These could be added to another 750 thousand that would arrive through the Jorge Chávez International Airport, achieving the entry of 1.5 million international tourists to the country (almost 4 times the figures for 2021).


Before the pandemic (year 2019), 4,371,787 international tourists arrived in Peru from all over the world (by air and land). The arrival of tourists was recorded mainly by the Jorge Chávez International Airport (60.4%); the Migration Control Office of the Santa Rosa – Tacna Border Complex (21.7%); the Binational Border Attention Center (CEBAF) – Tumbes (7.5%); the Border Control Post (PCF) Desaguadero – Puno (3.7%); PCF Kasani – Puno (1.4%); and PCF Iñapari – Madre de Dios (0.5%).

During 2021, in order to contain the spread of the pandemic, international tourists were only allowed to enter the country through the Jorge Chávez International Airport (AIJCH). Under these conditions, the arrival of international tourists has been affected. In this sense, the arrival of tourists (by air) residing in Brazil totaled 10,542 (-94.6% compared to 2019), Ecuador 9,869 (-97.1% compared to 2019), and Bolivia 4,340 ( -97.7% compared to 2019).

Regarding travel behavior, we can highlight that Brazilian, Ecuadorian and Bolivian tourists choose our country as their travel destination, to spend their vacations and/or for business. In this case, of the tourists residing in Brazil, their average travel expense is US$ 878 with a stay of eight nights; while tourists residing in Ecuador spend an average of US$786 on a trip with a stay of six nights. On the other hand, tourists residing in Bolivia spend an average of US$482 on a trip with a stay of seven nights.


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