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Resignation of principal rectors and alternates of the CNE only includes official members

Reglas de género CNE

Two of the four main rectors who remained in office, for now, Roberto Picón and Enrique Márquez would remain in their posts, although the body may have a more difficult time being able to hold sessions. Resignors should remain in their positions until replaced

This Wednesday, June 14, it was learned that principal and alternate rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), selected for those positions in May 2021, resigned from their positions. The information was released as a result of the proposal for the agenda of the regular session of the National Assembly with an official majority (AN-2020), scheduled for Thursday, June 15, which includes the “acceptance of the resignation of the main rectors and substitutes of the CNE by the National Assembly».

But the role of the Secretariat of the AN-2020 does not clarify if it is about all the rectors of the CNE or just some. The way it is written, it addresses everyone by mentioning “the rectors…”. But sources of the Electoral Power have confirmed to SuchWhich that the announcement does not include rectors not aligned with the ruling party.

“You’re pissing me off,” he said to SuchWhich one of the persons who hold a position of substitute rector. “I have not resigned, we will see if they resign me,” she said jokingly. She added that “We have not resigned, so if they start saying that we all resign, they expose themselves to saying that it is not true.”

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On the board are the main rectors Roberto Picón and Enrique Márquez, the latter also vice president of the organization. At the close of this note, neither of them had spoken publicly or on their social networks about it. Nor did they respond to requests for clarifications from SuchWhich.

If Roberto Picón and Enrique Márquez remain in their positions, likewise the CNE cannot function normally because the board is made up of five members, and there would be no substitutes to fill those vacancies. However, rectors who resign should remain in their posts until their replacements are appointed.

The board of directors already had a vacancy because when Tania D’Amelio was appointed as a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) she left the position vacant and her substitute never held that chair, in violation of the current Organic Law of Electoral Power.

Leonel Parica Until this June 14, he was the first substitute for Tania D’Amelio and he never assumed the position he left. He was a member of the Commission for Political Participation and Financing and had been included in the technical commission to evaluate the participation of the CNE in the primaries of the Unitary Platform, which has not yet given a definitive answer on the conditions raised by the opposition.

For this Thursday, at 11:00 in the morning and half an hour before the scheduled time for the AN-2020 session, the electoral authorities have called for a statement to the press. Until now, the reasons for the announced resignation for the positions of the Electoral Power are unknown.

The Venezuelan Electoral Observatory warned several weeks ago that the “half stoppage” of the CNE kept him from making important decisions, such as those corresponding to voter registration. He said that the priority issues on the electoral agenda, “possibly more controversial due to their political impact, remain shelved.”

On the other hand, in Venezuela, elections are pending at the municipal level, since several mayors elected at the end of 2021 have already left office and, according to the law, must be temporarily replaced by another official until a new vote is held that allows a local government that is elect. In addition, union elections are also pending that must be accompanied by the Electoral Power.

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