Republicans elected to Congress evaluate filing a constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera: “We elect Chileans”

Republicans elected to Congress evaluate filing a constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera: "We elect Chileans"

The Republican Party bench, where former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast belongs, plans to evaluate and file a constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera; due to the crisis of violence and crime in the north-south of the country; when the sector’s elected parliamentarians take office in March.

One of their purposes is to demonstrate a greater interest in the priorities of the citizenry than in political alliances and for that they want to differentiate themselves from Chile Vamos. Despite the intentions, in the Republican Party they recognize that it is an action that could not prosper.

“The accusation has arisen within the bench in the internal conversations because we, each one choose who will be their traveling companion, we chose the Chileans. That is why we exist, to defend them and our country”, assured the head of the Republican caucus, Cristóbal Urruticoechea.

This has been a topic discussed among the party’s legislators and although the possibility of carrying it out is still under evaluation, for sources close to the Republicans, this would be an increasingly firm decision, he stated. Third.

The deputy-elect Mauricio Ojeda, for his part, added that “the President has failed all Chileans”, since “basically he has not complied with what corresponds, with what the law mandates” in the context of the situation of violence in La Araucanía and also in the northern part of the country.

Its main criticisms, as a conglomerate, point to the government’s handling of immigration and crime control, stating that it is worrying that the hired killers have not been able to control themselves.

“There is a hint of responsibility in allowing terror to reach so far in the regions of La Araucanía and Biobío. That attacks on institutions in the most blatant way be and continue to be allowed. The victims feel abandoned by the powers of the State, for their civil and political rights that have been trampled on. In the north it seems that ‘the Trojan horse’ has entered with criminals and people of extreme violence and there is no greater contention,” says Urruticoechea.

In total, there are fourteen elected parliamentarians, so they would have the ten signatures necessary to promote the accusation; Likewise, the Constitution states that this action can be filed against a President up to six months after he leaves office, so there would be no legal inconvenience in charging him when the members of the caucus are sworn in for their new public functions.

From the PR they recognize that there are few chances that the accusation has of being successful, especially if in the Senate they only have José Manuel Rojo Edwards as a representative. And they add that it is difficult for the left and the center-left to join an initiative that arises from the Republican caucus.

In this line, they affirm that although promoting this measure could generate tensions with the official block of Chile Vamos, they feel that there is no relationship with them and that does not worry them, according to Third. For what they seek more than anything, to give a political signal that the Republicans are more interested in people than political alliances, so presenting an eventual constitutional accusation is a direct differentiation with Chile Vamos, so that people stop believe they are part of the same coalition.

“The decision is not easy. Today it would be to accuse someone from our sector. But I analyze it very seriously because I am not here for issues that have to do with the political world, but with what is good for Chile”, stressed Ojeda, a future republican deputy.

During these days the community, moreover, is in the process of its rearticulation. So they wait for Kast to move around the country starting in March and take charge of Acción Republicana, while his close adviser, Cristián Valenzuela, will be in charge of Republican Ideas. Both will be the figures attentive to the work of the government of Gabriel Boric and will decide how they will articulate themselves as opposition.

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