GDP monitor indicates a 1.8% increase in November 2021, says FGV

Demand for credit rises 7.2% in January, shows Serasa Experian

Consumer demand for credit increased 7.2% in January compared to the same month last year. According to data released today (14) by Serasa Experian, the growth in the search for financial credit in the first month of the year, however, was the lowest since October 2021, when it registered a high of 5.6%. In November it was 7.6% and in December, 11.6%. Demand for credit rises 7.2% in January, shows Serasa Experian

According to Serasa Experian economist Luiz Rabi, the expenses at the beginning of the year with the payment of IPVA, IPTU and school materials, make consumers seek credit to supplement their income.

“Consumers who need to close their accounts at the end of the month resort to financial resources to avoid being in the red. However, high interest rates also made access to credit more expensive. So, although people continue to need it, the month of January registered the lowest percentage of the last three months”, he explains.

According to data from Serasa Experian, the highest increases in the search for credit occurred in the Midwest (16%), followed by the North (14.5%), South (9.8%), Southeast (5.4 %), and Northeast (3.7%).

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