Representatives of Approve Dignidad summon the Government for the questioned procedure of Carabineros in Plaza Baquedano

Representatives of Approve Dignidad summon the Government for the questioned procedure of Carabineros in Plaza Baquedano

In a new Friday of demonstrations -established by the citizens since the social outbreak of 2019- in Plaza Baquedano -also known as Plaza de la Dignidad-, the arrest of a subject -identified as Luis Rojas Escobar- who tried to evade Policemen running but fell and hit his head on the pavement. The man on the ground and apparently unconscious was arrested by a group of police officers.

The images were broadcast on social networks and representatives of Approve Dignidad, along with rejecting the actions of the Carabineros, called on the Government of President Gabriel Boric to take action.

“Unprecedentable levels of repression yesterday. The Government has the responsibility to civilly intervene the police so that they carry out their work in accordance with international human rights treaties. Not to disappoint the people!” Recoleta Mayor Daniel said on Twitter. Jadue (PC).

From the political perspective, Senator Claudia Pascual pointed out that “with concern we see that the actions of the Carabineros do not change in Plaza Dignidad. Our Government must demand a change in the action protocols of the Carabineros, and propose a profound transformation of the police.”

Also from the PC, the deputy Lorena Pizarro maintained that “a profound reform is necessary for the Carabineros and the Forces of Order, the violence of today in Plaza Dignidad cannot happen again. The protocols of Human Rights and international treaties, as well as the right to assembly must be guaranteed now! No more repression!” The communist parliamentarian added that “we call on the government to review protocols and ask for explanations for brutal repressions that continue to attack the legitimate right to demonstrate in democracy. Given what happened this Friday in Plaza Dignidad, a clear position is urgently needed to condemn police action.”

The deputy Emilia Schneider, of the Comunes party, stated that the “excessive and violent action of the Carabineros persists.” In this sense, she pointed out that “our government must face it, not only with the necessary profound transformation of the police, but also by modifying action protocols and looking for new ways to use and recover the public space in Plaza Dignidad.”

As stated Third, It was at 6:53 p.m. on Friday that a police picket intercepted Luis Rojas Escobar who, according to the version of the uniformed institution, started after leading a series of disorders in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano. When the man was reached by the police, a clash with an official destabilized him, causing him to hit his head hard after hitting the cement.

After verifying injuries, the medical service concluded that he had minor injuries, a superficial wound to the left knee and blunt force trauma to the occipital region. And he maintained the presence of alcohol in his body.

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