Report two auxiliaries injured by harassment at the Police substation in Betulia, Antioquia

authorities of the municipality of Urrao They confirmed that around nine o’clock at night on Monday, July 25, a new harassment against the public force was registered, in the jurisdiction of the neighboring municipality of Betulia, located southwest of Antioquia.

According to Oswaldo Sepúlveda, mayor of Urrao, inhabitants of the district of Altamira in the municipality of Betulia have confirmed the presence of at least ten armed men attacking the Police substation in this area with shots, apparently they would be members of the Clan del Golfo.

Subsequently, the mayor of Betulia, Juan Manuel Lema, confirmed that the armed action It lasted about twenty minutes and was contained by the uniformed that at that time were in the substation facilities.

“We are already tired of informing the authorities and be making known that that sector has been under great threat for a long time by armed groupswhich they strut down each of the sidewalks and the corregimientos where people already have them referenced and they have intimidated an entire community,” Mayor Sepúlveda denounced.

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According to preliminary information, several armed men retreated to the upper area of ​​the corregimiento, in a sector known as The Summit, and others were hidden for a few moments in coffee plantations close to the epicenter of the events.

“With God and the Virgin we are here”, a uniformed man is heard saying that is found in the substation, while communicating via radiotelephone with one of his superiors, also reporting that At that time they did not have support from the Army.

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Citizen reports on social networks gave an account of the moments of anxiety and anguish experienced by the community of this rural area.

Although the mayor of Urrao had initially confirmed to RCN Mundo that two Police auxiliaries would have been injured during harassment, minutes the mayor of Betulia, Juan Manuel Lema, denied that report.

According to Lemma, Calm has returned to the area and there is no knowledge of people injured or killed by the security forces or the civilian population. In the next few hours, a security council will be held to define new measures in the area.

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