Paulistanos have until Sunday to visit Portinari’s exhibitions

Next Sunday (31) ends an exhibition of reinterpretations of works by the Brazilian artist Cândido Portinari (1903-1962), produced by graffiti artists and other urban artists. The exhibition has been on display since the 16th, in 55 spaces of the unified educational centers (CEUs) and Fábricas de Cultura, located in peripheral regions of Greater São Paulo.Paulistanos have until Sunday to visit Portinari's exhibitionsPaulistanos have until Sunday to visit Portinari's exhibitions

In these cultural centers, the show was called Revisiting Portinari and is part of the exhibition Portinari for All, which is also on display until July 31 at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) Experience, in São Paulo. The idea is to allow more people to get to know the painter through the eyes of local urban artists.

Revisiting Portinari is a free exhibition that selected 61 artists to present their visions of Portinari’s works, freely chosen.

Already Portinari for All is an interactive and immersive exhibition which debuted in April. The show was divided into three exhibition areas. The first features seven interactive installations for the public to learn more about the life and legacy of the artist, who was born in Brodowski (SP).

The second exhibition area allows for immersion in the works, on a monumental scale. The third space contextualizes Portinari’s collection and its connection with the country’s culture and history, reiterating the importance of preserving the artist’s memory.

More information about the two shows can be be consulted in site of the government of São Paulo.

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