El pesista cubano Arley Calderón. Foto: Raúl Calvo / Jit.

Cuban weightlifters win medals at the start of the Pan American Championship

The Cuban Arley Calderón enlarged this Sunday the harvest of medals of Cuba in the first day of the Pan American Championship of Weightlifting of Bogota 2022, in Colombia.

In the 61-kilogram division, the Cuban won silver medals in the clean and jerk and the total, which are added to the pair of bronze medals previously achieved by his compatriot Osmel Argote in the 55-kilogram category, according to a note from the sports site Hit.

Calderón finished in fourth place in the snatch with a lift of 117 kilograms, in a fight in which he barely achieved a valid exercise. With that figure on the bar he failed on the first attempt and also with 121 kg.

That last mistake perhaps deprived him of the third place won by the Ecuadorian Víctor Jesús Garrido (120 kg), who escorted locals Jhon Jairo Serna (122 kg) and Habib de las Salas de la Rosa (121 kg) on ​​the podium. the office.

highlights Hit that in the clean and jerk the American Miller Morris commanded with 162 kilos and then the Cuban, who worked perfectly on 150, 155 and 158 kg. The bronze medal belonged to the Colombian Habib with 152 kg.

In total, the medals were shared between Morris (279 kg), Calderón (275 kg) and Habib (273 kg). Calderón had a total of 270 kg as a starting mark, which he clearly surpassed in the competition, highlights the publication.

Meanwhile, Osmel Argote from Havana finished fourth in the snatch with 100 kg. Before he had controlled 90 kg and failed once with a hundred on the bar. In that movement they sent the Colombian Miguel Ángel Suárez (105 kg), the Mexican José Manuel Poox (104 kg) and the Ecuadorian Jhony David Arteaga (103).

In the clean and jerk, the coffee grower’s victory was indisputable, lifting 133, 138 and 142 kilograms. The Aztec Poox followed him with 130 kg and then the Cuban with perfect lifts of 120, 125 and 128 kg, points out Hit.

The biathlon was organized with Suárez (247), Poox (234) and Argote (228), in that order, in what the media describes “as a positive performance”, since the one from the Island had a total output of 225 kg .

The other Cuban in competition at this weight, Raidel Machado from Granma, finished sixth in the three disputes. In the snatch he achieved 97 kg and in the clean and jerk he scored 120 kg, so his biathlon was 217 kg.

Also this Sunday the women’s 45 kg fight took place, with the Cuban Franchesca Simón in sixth place in the snatch and in seventh place in the clean and jerk and the total.

Remember Hit what is this mainland lid constitutes the second and final qualifying segment towards the Panamerican Games of Santiago 2023. The Cubans did not attend the first one in Ecuador, hence they must obtain the best possible results in this competition.

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