Renovators claim to stop the free fall of the PS

Renovators claim to stop the free fall of the PS

“The resolution of the referendum, where the option to repeal the 135 articles of the LUC did not achieve victory, represents a major setback to the extent that central aspects of the ¨hidden program¨ of the right are maintained.”

However, “the holding of the referendum, when viewed in terms of the process, leaves a relevant balance: that despite the defeat, the left and social organizations and groups have had the ability to generate a positive turning point in the process of social and political accumulation.

He adds that “while the results were favorable for the Front and its main political forces, we are facing a very resounding defeat for the Socialists and for the presidential candidacy of our Secretary General.”

“In effect, the PS reached fourth position in the election, tripled by the MPP and the PCU, more than doubled by the new list 95 and just above the Federal League. For its part, the candidacy of Gonzalo Civila, that of the “Front that is encouraged” was not actually second, it was third, behind the blank vote.

“It was more than six times less than the vote for Fernando Pereira. It is a qualitatively and quantitatively very disproportionate result”, they sentenced.

“We understand (…) that the most important error was in the political sense that was given to Gonzalo’s candidacy and the political space to support it, which was characterized as the “left of the left”, so far from the role that Historically, our PS has deployed, as the “middle pole” of the Broad Front, as comrade Reinaldo Gargano repeatedly expressed”

“The PS built in this process, a set of national alliances aligned with the political idea, already indicated, of building a candidacy positioned “to the left of the left”. That implied allying ourselves with sectors such as Casa Grande, the Corriente de Izquierda, the PVP, La Amplia, 711, among others”, he notes.

“These are colleagues, in general, very valuable and totally respectable, but who lack, as political groups, national presence, political weight and accumulation capacity for a project like the PS.”

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