López washes his hands in the Monómeros case

López washes his hands in the Monómeros case

The vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, questioned that the opposition Leopoldo López does not assume his participation in the embezzlement of Monómeros, a subsidiary petrochemical company of PDVSA, based in Colombia.

In his program Con el mazo dar, Cabello presented a video of López where he disregards the irregularities committed in Monómeros.

“How is Leopoldo López going to say that he has nothing to do with Monómeros?” asked Cabello, adding that the opponent “is shameless” for wanting to hide his participation in the crime against the Colombian-Venezuelan company.

The leader of the PSUV urged López to tell the truth, while questioning the accusation that he made against the current and illegal directorate of Monómeros -appointed by former deputy Juan Guaidó- who is facing an internal crisis due to alleged acts of corruption. .

“You should tell the truth, even if it was once in your life. He should tie his pants to tell the truth, but to do so you have to be a man and have a level of bravery that he doesn’t have. For everything he has an excuse and blames others, ”Remarked Cabello.

He pointed out that the opponent “blames a party for the administration of Monómeros, which he did not name.”

López has said that the accusations against him are “completely unfounded”, however, Humberto Calderón Berti, the “ambassador” appointed in Colombia by the self-proclaimed president, assured in September of last year that the “largely responsible” for what happened in Monomers is Lopez.

In addition, recently, the former opposition deputy, José Luis Pirela, denounced before the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office the members of the so-called board of directors of Monómeros, for the crimes of theft, corruption, unfair administration, aggravated money laundering, illicit enrichment of individuals and omission of individual complaint, favoring and reception.

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