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Regime “forgets” to mention lack of ambulances in note about recent death of young man from Havana

Madrid Spain.- The Cuban regime issued a official note about the recent death of the young Andy Agüero Barrios, whose cause, the lack of ambulances, was denounced by his mother, Maritza Barrios, through social networks.

A note from the Provincial Health Directorate of Havana indicates that based on the complaint “a commission was created that proceeded to investigate the facts.”

“This is a 26-year-old male patient with a history of autism and visual impairment secondary to Hereditary Optic Neuritis (Leber’s Disease). On June 24, 2022, he presented fever, diarrhea and vomiting, being evaluated at home by the family doctor and nurse, proposing to be hospitalized, which the mother refused twice, “says the note.

“On July 13, he is evaluated again for presenting diarrheal stools, proceeding to carry out studies at the polyclinic that are altered and it is decided to refer him. During his stay in the emergency room, he received medical attention at all times, until he was transferred by the Integrated Medical Emergency System to the emergency room of the Miguel Enríquez Clinical-Surgical Hospital, where he was received by the institution’s emergency team, his condition worsening. clinical condition and later presented a cardio-respiratory arrest, “add the health authorities.

The information also indicates that “during a visit to the home, the information provided by the maternal grandmother revealed the dissatisfaction with the quality of care by the ambulance crew that transferred the patient from the polyclinic to the hospital. , which was verified during the investigation carried out and, consequently, the corresponding measures will be adopted.”

However, the Provincial Health Directorate does not refer to the main cause of death: the hours of waiting for the young man without an ambulance arriving to be transferred to a hospital. Nor does he comment on the crisis with the ambulances, repeatedly denounced by the Cubans.

Maritza Barrios had explained on Facebook that her son needed a transfusion, since he had 6.3 hemoglobin.

“The doctor is tired of calling everywhere and a damn ambulance doesn’t show up. She came a moment ago (an ambulance) with a case and did not want to take it. (…) My son is going to die. I have no way to take it on my own. (…) Please, I need urgent help, an ambulance, ”she desperately asked in the first publication. Hours later she confirmed the worst of her outcomes.

The death of the young dismayed to thousands of Cubans inside and outside the island, who expressed their outrage over what happened online and sent countless messages of condolences to the mother.

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