Referendum: 41% would not repeal LUC articles and 36% would, according to Factum

Two weeks before the referendum, a 41% of Uruguayans would vote for not repeal 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), and a 36% I would vote for yes do itaccording to a new survey of factum released this Friday VTV News (TVV). There are 19% undecided.

What’s more, two% I would vote blank and two% would invalidate your vote.

“There remains, therefore, a significant mass of people who do not have a firm vote,” the report adds. Those who express doubts about any of the options and those who are pure undecided add up to 19%.

When analyzing the evolution of the firm vote between the two options, a initial stability and consolidations.

In the case of the firm vote towards Yes, there was stability between the measurements of September, November and February, and a vote growth firm in March measurementgoing from 31% to 36%.

Towards the No, the evolution of the firm vote has shown stable with a slight upward trend –within the margins of error– and a trend of consolidation in March, going from 38% in September to 41%.

In short, facing next March 27, the scenario is shown in a competitive environment, with a current advantage towards upholding the law, indicates Factum.

The survey was conducted with 900 cases (450 by landline and 450 by cell phone), between March 11 and 14, 2022.

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