Keep singing Celina… wherever you are (+ VIDEO)

In that spiritual dimension in which transcendent souls are kept alive, Celina González will have been partying this week. Her birthday was the reason for multiple celebrations, including the release of the album Keep singing Celina, a material from the Bis Music record company that included the musical production of the popular artist Paulo FG. “Thanks, above all, to Celina, wherever she wants her to be,” were Paulito’s final words during the presentation to the press.

Susy Noriega, vocalist of Paulo’s own group, performs most of this selection of songs from the repertoire of the Cuban Queen of the Fields. She is accompanied by Susel Gómez, “La China”, and María Victoria Rodríguez, as guests. The album also includes the special participation of FG.

The challenge was great for Susy, according to her own words: “She sent me that courage, because I must confess that when they made me the proposal, I felt a little afraid,” said the young performer, who is facing for the first time as soloist to a work of this magnitude.

“I was falling more and more in love with the project and so, the way I have felt it, I have tried to get it to you,” Noriega added.

María Victoria thanked José Manuel García, because through him she came to the project: «I am very happy to have been involved in this beautiful album that is dedicated, for me, to one of the great interpreters of our country, which I have cultivated with that love, that respect and that Cubanness, his music; I have taken it around Cuba and around the world; I have defended her.”

For his part, Paulito expressed: «Everything you do with determination, with passion, with dedication, comes out, and this is an album that was made with an energy that I cannot describe to you, practically mystical. It’s an album that really met my expectations and exceeded them. The beautiful thing about this is how everyone linked up in a very creative and very productive way.

He recognized the contribution of instrumentalists and technicians who participated in the album and summarized: «what remains for me is to thank all those who joined this great project in a very beautiful way, very heartfelt, with great pleasure; I felt that way every time I summoned someone, and I have to mention here our celebrities like Pancho Amat, when we called him to give his testimony; Master Frank Fernández and, in our memory, Master Adalberto too, who at that time was not receiving anyone and when we told him: Celina, he immediately replied: Paulito, send the people here».

And it is that the music will be accompanied by a documentary in which all those personalities who met and shared with Celina offer their anecdotes and assessments about that essential woman of Cuban music.

For Paulo FG, this production has been «an awakening, a testimony that the greatness of his music was important to rescue, and you realize when you are going to tackle its content, that it immediately hooks you. Celina’s content has a lot of edge, in the sense that it’s nice, entertaining, it has that natural, spontaneous, genuine poetry of country music. I discovered in Celina’s music a lot of historical potential for our music in general. Rediscovering all this for us I think has given us a greater dimension from the musical point of view».

at the end of the topic Keep singing Celina the voice of the Queen of the Cuban fields appears. According to Paulo FG, it was like a response to the great evocation that the album is. So that the prayer also becomes affirmation, certainty: Celina continues singing.

Keep singing Celina... wherever you are (+ VIDEO)

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