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Reason for voting in US elections

It is deplorable that an issue with so many ethical, moral, psychological and spiritual implications is being used as a tool of the US election campaign. The abortionwhose constitutional guarantee was suppressed by the Supreme Court of Justice, is emerging as a factor of great importance for the result of the next elections of half length. To be held at the beginning of November, these elections will decide the composition of the House of Representatives, part of the Senate, governorships and other elective positions. In these types of elections, the percentage of the population that exercises its right to vote is usually lower than that registered in presidential elections, so the great task of the parties is to persuade their followers to vote.

According to historical experiences, the elections of half length, so called because they take place in the middle of the presidential term, tend, for two reasons, to favor the opposition party. On the one hand, there is always dissatisfaction with the actions of the executive branch in the two years that have passed, which causes some of those who voted for the government party to decide not to support it now, either by abstaining from voting or leaning towards candidates. rivals. On the other hand, it is usual for those in opposition to be more motivated to try to get things to change in the direction they consider to be right. And that habitual behavior has been reinforced this year by the effects of inflation on the well-being of the population, and also by the limited charisma and vitality projected by the current occupant of the White House.

Opinion polls reveal that the theme of the abortion could change that trend, since it can serve to motivate the vote of those who disagree with the judicial decision. In that sense, what has been an apparent Republican victory may end up militating against them.

Doctor of Economics from Columbia University specialized in companies, markets, forecasts and risk.

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