Peruvian coffee and cocoa win international awards in France and Italy

Peruvian coffee and cocoa win international awards in France and Italy

Peru is once again in the eyes of the world by winning important prizes in recognized festivals of Y in (Milan) Italy and Paris (France).

In the sixth edition of the SPP Coffee Awards, organized by the Small Producer Symbol network in Milan, Peruvian coffee growers won first and second place in the competition for the best international coffee.

The first place went to Incahuasi coffee from Cusco, which won this award for the second time. While the second place was obtained by the Cecovasa Cooperative (Sandia, Puno). Likewise, the ACPC Pichanaki de Junín Cooperative was also a finalist in the event.

In this regard, the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), through Sierra y Selva Exportadora, gave a well-deserved recognition to the coffee and cocoa producers who were the winners of recent international competitions.

In his speech, the Vice Minister of Policies and Supervision of Agrarian Development of Midagri, Juan Altamirano Quispe, expressed his joy at having the cocoa and coffee producers of our country united, who in an organized way are achieving the agrarian development that we all yearn for.

For his part, the Executive President of Sierra y Selva Exportadora, Carlos Talavera Flores, expressed his pride in the achievements that Peruvian producers obtain year after year.

It is a great joy because with some associated producers we are developing commercial coordination plans for access to markets in a sustainable and competitive manner, contributing to the reduction of poverty in various regions of our country.“, accurate.

Winners of Coffee symbol of small producer Italy 2022

  • First place: Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Valle de Incahuasi del Cusco, which was awarded as the best coffee in the world. Producer Julio César Chávez won the event for the second time in a row.
  • Second place: Cooperativa Cecovasa, which is located in the province of Sandia, in Puno, with the producer Raúl Mamani.
  • Fourth place: Pichanaki Agrarian Coffee Cooperative, in the province of Chanchamayo, in Junín, where the producer Teodomira Florez Cartolini achieved merit.

Winners of the II international chocolate contest made in Paris 2022

  • Gold medal: Agrarian Cooperative ASPROC of Nueva Bambamarca de Tocache (San Martín), with the manager Jerson Sánchez del Águila. Category Dark chocolate with fruit inclusions with its Aroma NBT chocolate with Aguaymanto. Also a bronze medal for its 60% dark chocolate bar with cranberry.
  • Silver medal: Alto Urubamba Coffee Cooperative in La Convencion (Quillabamba, Cusco), with its president José Flores. Kampag chocolate category (For you) at 70% extra dark and diploma in chocolate with 80%.
  • Silver medal: VRAE Producers Association, with its president Julián Orejón Pacheco. Chocolate category with its Miskicha brand.
  • Bronze medal: Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Sur Oriente, with the manager José Luis Lara, with its brand “Raíces Tambopata” and its 70% chestnut bar, in the category of dark chocolate with inclusions of grains or nuts.


The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Branch to announce an economic subsidy.

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