Inumet issued orange and yellow warnings for storms and heavy rain

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) extended the orange and yellow warning for heavy rains and storms, which will be updated at 11:30 p.m.

The phenomenon is caused by an atmospheric disturbance that affects the country, generating storms, “some punctually strong.” “It should be noted that in storm areas intense rains may be recorded in short periods, hail fall, intense electrical activity and very strong gusts of wind,” the agency said.

Orange alert

The affected locations are as follows.

Long Hill: Aceguá, Arachania, Arbolito, Arévalo, Hipodromo neighborhood, La Vinchuca neighborhood, López Benítez neighborhood, Bañado de medina, Cerro de las Cuentas, Fraile Muerto, Getulio Vargas, Isidoro Noblía, La Pedrera, Las Cañas, Melo, Plácido Rosas, Poblado Uruguay, Quebracho, Ramón Trigo, Río Branco, Toledo, Tres Islas and Tupambaé.

Rivera: the whole department.

Jump: Sarandi de Arapey.

Tacuarembo: Ansina, Balneario Iporá, Caraguata, Las Toscas, Paso del Cerro, Pueblo de Arriba, Pueblo de Barro and Punta de Carretera.

Thirty-three: Patrol Island.

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