Real Madrid declined to sign a former Barcelona player due to his conduct

Real Madrid declined to sign a former Barcelona player due to his conduct

Arturo vidal (36) could have been from real Madrid in the summer of 2015. However, the ‘White House’ declined to make his signing due to the questionable attitude of the Chilean player, who ended up joining Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich. The former Barça player has not spoken about this, however, he has stated in a conversation with the YouTuber Ezzequiel that he could have been a Real Madrid player.

Before, he said that his greatest sporting achievement was precisely “the Copa América” ​​that year, that the best soccer player he has played with “is Leo Messi” and that he enjoys a game “against Argentina more than against Brazil.” He also talked about the three best coaches he has had: “Ancelotti, Conte and Guardiola”, he said in this order. Furthermore, he said that the best in his position today “is Bellingham” and that he was on the verge of signing for big clubs: “I was close to Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United…”.

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He also confesses that he cuts his hair “every three days”, that he gave his mother his first salary “so that she could go to the supermarket to buy whatever she wanted” and that “his greatest virtue is ‘passion'”. Why would it be if he weren’t a footballer, he says… “I would be on the street, anywhere.”

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