The General Director of Legal Affairs of the Mayor's Office resigns

The General Director of Legal Affairs of the Mayor’s Office resigns

The General Director of Legal Affairs of the Mayor's Office resigns

April 19, 2024, 16:03 PM

April 19, 2024, 16:03 PM

Erwin Paúl Tapia resigned from the position of General Director of Legal Affairs of the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Although it does not detail the specific reasons, assures that he will collaborate with the transition of his responsibilities. The Municipal Executive reported that the name of the person who will replace Tapia will only be known next Monday.

“Through this, I am writing to you to present my irrevocable resignation from the position of Director General of Legal Affairs of the Municipal Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with immediate effect,” begins the letter signed by Tapia.

He continues, stating: “This decision has been made after carefully considering various personal and professional aspects, so I consider that “It is the right time to undertake new projects and challenges.”

And almost at the end, he commits to: “Collaborate in the transition of my responsibilities in an orderly and efficient manner, ensuring that the normal development of the activities of the General Directorate of Legal Affairs is not affected.”

He stated that it remains “readiness for any consultation or procedure that is necessary to formalize my departure.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s Office announced: “Given the recent resignation of Erwin Tapia, as Legal Director, we inform that the new professional who will occupy said position will be officially presented next Monday, April 22, 2024.”

The reactions to Tapia’s resignation did not wait

Councilor Federico Morón, through his social networks, posted: “Tapia resigned, (Andrea) Daza (the municipal secretary of Planning) does not resign Still, let them all go! Including Tongo (in reference to Mayor Jhonny Fernández)”.

The post continues: “The general director of Legal Affairs, Erwin Tapia, has just resigned, but for some reason Andrea Daza remains in office. How much does he know about Jhonny Fernández’s business for him to be untouchable,” the councilor shot.

Tapia was in the crosshairs for alleged corruption

Councilors Juan Carlos Medrano and José Alberti revealed an alleged complaint by six officials against the director, spokesperson and advisor of the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Mayor’s Office cruzeña; Erwin Tapia, Bernardo Montenegro and Luz Jaqueline Zabalarespectively, for alleged irregular payments, harassment and labor abuse.

According to the complaint, which was presented to the Transparency Directorate, advisor Luz Jaqueline Zabala collected Bs 150 monthly from each worker in the legal area of ​​the municipalityarguing that said payment “was an order from above” and mandatory, “threatening the officials who refused to make the payments to inform their superiors and have them face the consequences.”

“Tired of the events and charges that were carried out and of not knowing where the money collected was destined, several of the Directorate officials (heads of departments and some professionals) went to the director Erwin Tapia to ask him the question. , if the charge made by the accused was correct and if it should be cancelled, of which we had the answer verbatim: ‘These are orders from above and she (Zabala) is in charge of making the collection within the Legal Directorate’; Therefore, it seemed to us that these facts fit the criminal types of concussion, benefits due to the position and others,” the complaint states.

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