Willie Bermúdez achieves alliance in Mexico to solve the garbage problem

On a strategic trip to Mexico City, Willie Bermúdez and Luis Casis met with authorities and experts in waste management to advance their plan to bring cutting-edge technologies in waste treatment to Panama. The main focus of the meeting was the Azcapotzalco Transfer Station and Sorting Plant, which stands out for its capacity to process up to 1,400 tons of solid waste per day.

This plant, a leader in the region, uses cutting-edge technology for the selection and processing of various materials, including paper, cardboard, PET and HDPE plastics, metals, among others. The vision of Bermúdez and Casis is to implement a circular economy model in the Panamanian capital, promoting the reuse and recycling of resources to reduce waste generation and mitigate the environmental impact.

«Panama deserves innovative and sustainable solutions to face the challenge of solid waste. With the experience and knowledge acquired on this trip, we are committed to implementing a comprehensive waste management system that benefits our community and the environment,” said Bermúdez.

For his part, Casis highlighted the importance of international collaboration and the exchange of best practices to promote sustainable urban development. “The visit to the Azcapotzalco Transfer Station has provided us with valuable knowledge that will allow us to design effective policies and solutions adapted to the needs of Panama,” he added.

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