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Reactive credits will be rescheduled until June

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Public purchases: mypes stop billing more than S / 600 million due to inaction by the Government

Good news for businesses that have not yet managed to reactivate. In order to give companies a break, the Executive issued Emergency Decree 026-2022 through which it extends until June 30 the period of acceptance of credit rescheduling Fae-Tourism and Fae Textile and Clothing (Texco).

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) indicated that this measure will mainly benefit micro and small businesses (mypes) “at a time when different factors, such as the increase in financial costs due to the increase in rates at the national and international level and social conflict, have affected their flow of income”.

He recalled that in the case of Reactiva, credits for S/58,044 million were granted. To date, S/75.2 million has been committed to FAE Texco in three auctions, and more than S/134 million to FAE Turismo.

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The representative of Gamarra, Susana Saldaña, stated that in the case of Reactiva not even 5% of the businessmen in the sector agreed to this program.

“Regarding the FAE Texco, beyond rescheduling, because it is a program that has little time, what is needed is to lower the interest rate, which is now around 17%. We ask that it be 5% per year, ”he commented to this newspaper.


In the case of Reactiva Peru, more than 502,000 companies benefited from the guarantee program of up to S/60,000 million.

98% of these companies, explained the MEF, are micro and small and “from all economic sectors at the national level.”


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