Piden facilitar más inversión en energía renovable

They ask to facilitate more investment in renewable energy

Antonio Novas says that with more renewable energy there would be more flexibility to develop more industries and that free zones would have lower costs

The Dominican Republic It has to look for a way to encourage more investment in renewable energy, since with this it would not only be contributing to the care of the environment, but it would also be a great support at an economic level, because it would reduce the country’s dependence on fuels that come from abroad.

This is how he pointed it out Antonio Novasmanager of McKinsey & Company in the country, in an exclusive interview for Hoy, in which he specified that in countries where renewable energy has a large participation, most of the investments have been made by the private sector, so the Dominican authorities have to analyze which are the incentives that have to be placed to attract more investment in this sector.

He added that with all the sun and wind in the DR, it is very little that 15 percent of the energy is renewable, and that the remaining 85 percent is generated from fossil fuels.

“You have to see a country plan to encourage this type of investment. It is impossible for them to go to a model in which everything is renewable energy, but it is necessary that they have a more significant percentage, since it would take a lot of pressure off them due to gas and oil prices”, Novas pointed out.

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He said that with more renewable energy there would be more flexibility to develop more industries and that free zones would have lower production costs.

“In fact, there are many funds that invest in this type of energy that can be used,” said Novas.

More quality training

Speaking about the economy and the growth that is expected to continue in the country, Novas said that the level at which the economy is predicted to develop will depend on the people who are studying.

“How to touch on the subject of education, which is not in the short term. They have the budget, but you have to find a way to see how good teachers are trained and also create opportunities, ”he said.

He pointed out that it is necessary to start working so that in about ten years there will be a much more educated society. He said that in the short term they can invest in technical courses. He specified that for the economy to continue growing, more quality training is needed.

“They have the budget, but what am I spending it on? A lot of money has been spent on infrastructure, but the problem is that they don’t have trained teachers, which is very important and quite a difficult issue,” he explained.


Referring to the tourism sector, Novas specified that even if the current model continues, which has contributed so much to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), in the coming years the offer will have to be diversified.

He gave the example that the Dominican Republic can attract the kind of tourists who are already pensioners, but for this the offer of services provided must vary.
“Higher quality tourism would help,” he said.

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