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Another kidnapping in Amambay: they released a minor and a laborer, a fortune would have been paid

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A 66-year-old grandmother was detained after spraying her daughter and three grandchildren with fuel. The situation did not progress further thanks to the quick help of the neighbors.

The San Antonio prosecutor, Laura Ávalos, intervened in the case investigating the grandmother who would have doused his daughter and grandchildren with fuel.

The suspect was arrested and the victims received medical and psychological assistance by professionals from the Center for Attention to Victims of the Public Ministry.

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Regarding the case, the prosecutor stated, “the mother and children are now with the psychologist, we took them to a medical inspection and the forensic doctor also verified the fact. I ordered the immediate arrest of the grandmother. The children of 5, 7 and 13 years old, were left in the care of the grandmother while the mother went to work.

In details, he said that the mother and children live in a small room that he built in the lady’s house.

“Luckily the kids have somewhere else to go. They will all live with the biological father, who precisely no longer lived in the house due to problems with the lady. The detainee says that she thought that she only threw water at them, the woman was summoned to the hearing for an investigative statement, ”she explained.

The event occurred yesterday, inside a house located in the San Blas neighborhood of the city of San Antonio.

The authorities became aware of the fact as a result of a complaint from a neighbor who He heard the children’s calls for help, saying that their grandmother wanted to burn them, so he called the 911 System.

The children’s mother stated that she was sitting in the patio of the house in the company of her children, when at one point her mom walked towards them with a plastic bottle in his hand and began to spray them with the liquid it contained.

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