RD hosts civil aviation program

The Dominican Republic continues to be a world reference in terms of recovery of the strategic sectors of the economy, for which it has been selected by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Singapore authorities as the venue for the “Civil Aviation Directors General Program on Aviation Resilience and Workshop on Compliance with ICAO Recommended Standards and Practices (SARPs).

The interim general director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Héctor Porcella, reported that the conclave will bring together more than 60 participants, including general directors or representatives of civil aviation from more than 25 countries, ambassadors to ICAO and delegates from aeronautical institutions from North, Central, South America and the Caribbean, as a result of an initiative of ICAO itself and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

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It will be from August 16 to 18 in Punta Cana.

Considering the opportunity of the next 41st session of the ICAO Assembly, additional modules have been integrated into this Program to inform and update States regarding their obligations regarding compliance with international standards and recommended practices -SARPs (from the acronym in English «Standard and Recommended Practices»), the benefits of the Technical Cooperation Program and the main priorities in view of the ICAO Assembly.

The event will be attended by the Secretary General of ICAO, the Colombian Juan Carlos Salazar and the Director General of the Singapore Aviation Authority, Han Kok John. “We must recognize the Civil Authority of Singapore and ICAO for this technical cooperation initiative that they provide to the States” declared the president of the JAC, Marte Piantini.

The Program covers lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis, with a particular focus on aviation safety, sustainability, emerging issues and resilience building, while improving alignment with international best practices.

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