Ratti denounces Machado's violent plans

Ratti denounces Machado’s violent plans

The opposition leader Luis Ratti went yesterday to the Supreme Court of Justice to add a new document to the lawsuit already filed on May 30 against the primary election process organized to choose the presidential candidate from an opposition sector.

The new documentation contains what Ratti considers evidence that María Corina Machado intends to use the primaries to create chaos in Venezuela.

“We come today with great concern because we see that the primaries will be held so that María Corina Machado calls and calls for chaos in the country and lead Venezuelans to a violent conflict, to a series of guarimbas that we Venezuelans no longer want to live. ”, declared Ratti upon leaving the TSJ facilities.

According to what the political leader declared, he delivered alleged evidence to the high court of “the steps and subliminal calls that María Corina Machado has with these alleged primaries.”

Ratti reported that the amparo appeal filed by him on May 30 was assigned to magistrate Caryslia Rodríguez.

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