Arbeleche: the projection is that the dollar increases

In 2022 the economy grew by almost 5% and 40,000 jobs were created

The Executive Branch presented the Accountability with emphasis on mental health and recovery of real wages. On the occasion, the Minister of Economy, Azucena Arbeleche, said that in 2022 the economy grew 4.9%, and some 40,000 jobs were created, and she also said that an increase in the dollar is expected.

The minister referred to the Bill of Accountability in the Budget Commission integrated with the Treasury of the Chamber of Deputies. She there she emphasized that the Government fulfilled its economic forecasts and the generation of employment, and added that the additional resources will be for the areas of mental health and addictions, she informed the Presidency.

Later, at a press conference, Arbeleche highlighted that this Accountability has an approach that the Government has marked since March 2020 with “short and long lights”, to see all the way and include all issues of national interest, even with urgent issues such as water deficit, among others.

Economic growth and other achievements in 2022

He stressed that the Government complied with the economic forecasts, and the generation of employment, with an economy that in 2022 grew 4.9%; the creation of 40,000 jobs; and they met the fiscal goals as well as the attention to the demands of the society.

The hierarch also mentioned that resources were granted in key areas for any country that seeks to grow, such as educational transformation, security, support for the most vulnerable populations, and innovation, among others.

Additionally, in the Surrender, incremental resources were presented for the area of ​​mental health and addiction treatment.

Responsible money management

In his presentation to the press, he referred to the tax reduction announced by the Government for lower-income workers and taxpaying companies, and he maintained that it was possible due to economic growth and the responsible management of public money.

Projections for 2023

For 2023, the economic team estimates economic growth of 1.3%; the creation of 12,000 jobs and the recovery of real wages for the private and public sectors.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate is a topic that is not missing in any conference or press conference with the economic team, given that it has become one of the points of greatest concern due to direct and indirect consequences on the production, industrialization and export of that production.

Arbeleche said in this regard that the projection is that there will be an increase in the dollar, the question of how many points it will be, but “there will be a gradual correction.”

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