Rates that are still adjusted based on the minimum wage

Rates that are still adjusted based on the minimum wage

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit announced this Wednesday that to date 89% of the prices of fees, fines, charges and procedures carried out in Colombia are calculated based on annual inflation, which by 2022 was 5.62%.

(Fees, fines and charges that no longer go up with the minimum wage).

As explained by the Government, several entities undertook the task of identifying which items were anchored to the minimum wage in order to modify them and this has allowed 66 of 74 items to no longer be calculated under the minimum, which brings savings to the pocket of Colombians, since the base salary for 2022 rose 10.07%.

(How much was the real increase of the minimum after inflation of 5.62%).

Below we tell you what are those charges that are still indexed to the minimum wage in 2022:

one. Health services coverage in traffic accidents.

two. Fee for exploitation rights for new online games.

3. Tariff of exploitation rights and administration expenses in localized games.

Four. Soat rates.

5. Registration tax rate range.

6. Penalty for reserve requirements of credit institutions.

7. Penalties for the use of sugar as an input in the manufacture of panela.


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